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Remember to treat your dog year round for heartworm....We sometimes see mosquitos in all months of the year. Also we recommend continued treatment for flea treatment if there are any possibility of fleas still in the home. Don't forget...Start treating early in the spring for fleas and ticks to avoid problems when the warm weather arrives.​

Be sure to protect your dog against Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is on the rise in New Hampshire. Every year we see more and more dogs that are positive on their heartworm/tick disease test. Lyme can cause lameness, swollen joints, loss of appetite and fever in your dog. Please use a tick deterrent product, test each year for infection, vaccinate, and watch carefully for any sign of Lyme Disease in your dog AND YOU!
Happy Holidays!
During the holidays, please be sure to call ahead to make sure that we are open, and order your food and pet supplies early, to ensure that you have all you need for a happy kitty or dog this holiday!
PLEASE be careful when treating your cat for fleas. We have recently heard reports about cats being treated with over-the-counter flea products, and cats are having serious reactions to these products, including seizures, vomiting, lethargy, etc! Even though the packaging says approved for cats we DO NOT recommend using these products
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